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By the professional VGA designs team.

Please visit our website and take a look at various elements of the website we use. We can do the same for you and much more. Take a look at the Website Tips, Website Tools and the Website Extras to select features you can put into your website.  

We can create an action site with the necessary set of information blocks to attract the attention and interest of your client. We offer only solutions for your goals.

Website development begins with the a specialist who professionally studies your market, target audience and competitors. We listen to your ideas and vision of the project. We have a deep understanding of user habits and behaviors. We are committed to using fact-based knowledge and our unique brand of innovation to help you dominate the competition. With the use of our development partners we can offer you the best of website design and program development to accomplish everything you need. VGA designs is a full service website development team. We can offer you Websites, Logos, Video Introductions, Print Art as well as Search Engine Optimization.

Contact Us with any questions you may have.  Feel free to connect with us by email or phone.

Website Tips

We guarantee an exclusive design. We do our best to attract the attention of your customers using the world’s leading website programming and designs.

Website Tools

Within five seconds of landing on your website, can your visitors determine what your company does? Is the layout of your pricing easy to understand?

Website Extras

Whether you need an eCommerce solution, access to a membership area, offer an online course or design downloadable reports.

5 Website Tips

Make sure you know what you want out of your website. Whether it be an informational website or a storefront website to sell services or product.
Know how many pages you’ll need as well as the name of your pages such as About Us, Products to Buy, FAQ’s and Contact Us just to mention a few.
Within five seconds of viewing your website, can your visitors determine what your company does? Can users easily navigate to the blog if they need to? Is the layout of your pricing easy to understand?

Gather all of the content you’ll need for the pages of your new website. Write them in a word doc so you can easily copy and paste them when needed.

Collect all relevant digital material you want to display on the various pages of your website. Include Images, Photos, Animation and Videos that can help you tell your story to your visitors.

This section can really help you to answer any questions your visitors might have. Think about this in advance and make a list of possible questions and answers. You’ll realize very quickly, just how much this page will grow and take on a life of it’s own.

The most important section of your website. Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to get in touch with you. Have your Contact Information on every page. Set up an easy to use Contact Form to receive emails. It’s also a great way to communicate with your visitors.


Tim B.

We want to thank VGA designs for the creation of our website. It was great seeing the results and your attitude to the work. It was a joy working with your company. Your communication was clear quick and efficient. Nice to work with professionals.

Lucy R.

I strongly recommend VGA designs and commend them on their commitment to deliver on our high quality web-site 'from design to go-live' to their client's satisfaction. They have and will continue to be my partner of choice for my professional website needs.

Michael V.

What can I say about these guys only good words! Well tested product was provided as well as 24/7 support and maintenance. After 2 months I have been very impressed by VGA designs commitment to deliver high quality work.

Patrick N.

VGA designs is one of the best companies I have ever worked with! They do such a fantastic job and the quality of their work is excellent! They are very quick to respond, patient, and very detail oriented! I would recommend VGA designs to anyone that needs help with website design!

Kimberly C.

After your team built our website the customer's flow is quite stable and our SEO results growing. The VGA design team who was behind the project had helped me a lot. 100% recommended.

Jennifer M.

I have worked with VGA designs for the last 3 years and can rate them a 5 stars company. I applaud the team for their responsiveness, attention to detail and their work ethics.

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